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IR-1 DCF Visa: Step 5 Visa interview

The interview is generally very relaxed. If you have submitted all the required documents, there’s nothing to worry about. Relax, smile, and be friendly (but professional) to the consular officers. They can speak both Thai and English. Whatever language you choose to communicate in, try to be precise and confident when answering questions. Prepare your Packet 4 and hand carry it with you to the interview.

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  • Prepare your Packet 4 according to the list provided below. Bring photocopies unless stated “original”. The below list is what I brought with me. If your case is different, refer to this page for a complete checklist.
  • For bona fide documents such as photo albums, chat history, etc., if you think you’ve submitted more than enough to the USCIS in the first step, then you don’t need to bring any more (although it’s good to always bring extra).
  • If you look at the list below, you’ll notice that you may have already sent certain documents along with your Packet 3. If so, you don’t need to bring it again. The list is to remind those who sent an incomplete Packet 3 to bring the missing documents to the interview. For me, I brought another set anyway just to be on the safe side.
  • If you are bringing photo books, make sure they are of smaller size. Too thick and you won’t be able to insert it under the interview window.
  • Only the visa applicant is allowed to enter the embassy for an interview. The US citizen must wait outside.
  • Don’t bring too many bags/purses. No over-sized belongings are allowed. Only one cell phone can be left at security check; if you have more than one, you’ll need to check it elsewhere. Bring cash and/or credit card to pay for the $325 interview fee, too.

Instructions and my experience

IR-1 DCF Visa: Step 5 Visa interview

Cooking Time: February 15th, 2018


  • 1. Interview email from the embassy
  • 2. Current and previous passports (original)
  • 3. DS-260 printout
  • 4. 2 2x2" photos
  • 5. GSS printout
  • 6. Birth certificate + translation* (original)
  • 7. Marriage certificate (original)
  • 8. Certified marriage license (original) (if applicable)
  • 9. House registration/book + translation* (original)
  • 10. Divorce decree and certificate of name/last name change (if applicable)
  • 11. Domicile documents
  • 12. Police clearance certificate
  • 13. Bona fide documents such as photos, plane tickets, email, chat history, etc.
  • 14. Medical exam report (sealed brown envelope)
  • 15. Cash or credit card to pay $325 interview fee
    *translation must be certified by a translation company



Organize your documents in order shown above. In my case, the consular officer only asked to see a few things. I think the complete list is for those who sent incomplete Packet 3.


Arrive at the embassy at least a half hour before your interview time. There will be a separate line for immigrant visa applicants. When it's time, a consular staff will do name check before letting you in. Turn off your cell phone and leave your items at the security. I recommend leaving other card than your national ID card as you may need it inside. For document bags and small purses, you can carry it with you.


Once you're through the security check, walk out the door, turn left, walk straight to Window 1-3 and wait for them to open. When I went, only Window 2 and 3 were open.


I was called to Window 2. The consular officer was very kind and friendly which helped me relax. I was asked to show only 3 documents: my birth certificate, marriage certificate, and medical exam report (all originals). So I recommend you keep these 3 things at ready.


Next is fingerprinting (all 10 fingers) and answering general questions to prepare your case for the actual interview inside.

Questions I was asked:

○ How my husband and I met, when, and where
○ What I do for a living and where
○ How many times I've been to the US and with what type of visa
○ How long we'd dated before we decided to get married
○ When we are planning to move
○ Why we don't have kids yet
○ If my husband is leaving with me or before me
○ My husband's parents' names


Once done, you'll be given a small piece of paper to bring inside the interview room to pay for the $325 interview fee. Bring the fee receipt back to the same officer. She will then instruct you to go wait inside the interview room.


Inside the interview room is pretty noisy as there are many people who come for the tourist visa interview. There are people walking in and out at all time and you can pretty much hear all their conversations. It's best to focus on yourself so you don't get too nervous. From where I sat, I could see through the window the consular office reviewing my documents. It wasn't long before I was called to Window 5 (the only Window for immigrant visas).


At the Window, the consular officer greeted me with a smile (which helped calm my nerves!). First he asked for a finger scan on my left hand then asked me to put my right hand up and swear that everything I was about to say was the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth.

Questions I was asked:

○ How my husband and I met, when, and where
○ How many times I've been to the US and with what type of visa
○ Where I did my research
○ When we are leaving
○ What my husband plans to do for a living

That's about it then he said my visa was granted and would take about 7 days to arrive at my address. It was a HUGE relief to hear that. 🙂 He kept some of my bona fide documents but returned the rest to me.


The next day if you'd like to check your case status online, go to this page. In the AM, it should appear as "Administrative Processing" and in the PM, it should change to "Issued" which means the embassy has issued your visa.


I received my passport and visa back on the second day after the interview. I was also sent other documents to present at the immigration at port of entry. The enclosed brown envelope must not be opened or tampered with in any way. Only the immigration officer at port of entry can open it. To check the status of your passport, go to this page.


Directions to US Embassy
Take the BTS and get off at Ploenchit station. Take Exit 2 and walk along the Wireless road until you see the US Embassy on your left (behind the crossing bridge).

Contact US Embassy
Address: 120-122 Wireless road, Lumpini, Bangkok 10330
Office hours: 8:30 AM-12:00 PM (M-F) closed on Thai and US national holidays
Phone: 02-105-4110
Email: (case specific)

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